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Auxiliary Newsletters

Between November and August each Auxiliary is required to send two different editions (copies) of its newsletters to those individuals listed on the awards requirements. These newsletters should be sent at the time of publication and can be sent electronically. Be sure that somewhere in your newsletter it states the name of the hospital, the address, the district and the name of the newsletter editor.

Dues and Scholarship Deadlines

Dues and scholarship assessments are due on November 1 of each year. When mailing checks to the Treasurer, please indicate whether the money is for Annual Dues or Elizabeth Wilmot Bull Scholarship. If your Volunteer Services group is choosing to contribute to the Jean Cory Youth Scholarship, noting on the memo line, please send that check at the same time.

Checks should be sent to Brenda Foy, 22 Terrace Ct. SE, Moultrie, GA 31768.

Hospital Volunteer Services groups will be removed from the membership roster if Dues are not paid by December 31, 2023.


The Council on Auxiliaries/Volunteers was founded in 1958 by a group of hospital Auxiliary women and Volunteers that were supported by the Georgia Hospital Association. In early 2020, the decision was made to change the name of our group to Council on Volunteer Services Georgia Healthcare, Inc.

The following is a list of all our Presidents since this group was founded.

Past Presidents

As Council on Auxiliaries/Volunteers (CoA/V)             

1958-1959 Mrs James C. Malone

1959-1960 Mrs Marien Strickland

1960-1962 Mrs Elizabeth Wilmot Bull

1962-1963 Mrs. Dorothy Neal

1963-1964 Mrs Duncan Shephard

1964-1967 Mrs Matthew J. Dwyer

1967-1969 Mrs Carolyn Holt

1969-1972 Mrs Myrtice Parker

1971-1973 Mrs Harriette Heese

1973-1974 Mrs Melba Funk

1974-1976 Mrs Candee Elrod

1976-1978 Mrs Joyce Rush

1978-1980 Mrs Jean Johnson

1980-1982 Mrs Carole Henderson

1982-1984 Mrs Vivian Gordon

1984-1986 Mrs Alice Fisher

1986-1988 Mrs June Henderson

1988-1990 Mrs Marilyn Blackman

1991-1992 Mrs Patty Thigpen

1992-1994 Mrs Rosemary Fox

1994-1996 Mrs Jean Cory

1996-1997 Mrs Sue Moore

1997-1998 Mrs Nell Houston

1998-1999 Mrs Hayne Hendley

1999-2000 Mrs Betty Kirkman

2000-2001 Mrs Boyce Davis

2001-2002 Mrs Brenda Maynard

2002-2003 Mrs Shirley Healy

2003-2004 Mrs Betty Kitchens

2004-2005 Mrs Jo Ann Piet

2005-2007 Mrs Barbara Tumperi

2007-2008 Mrs Betty Brown

2008-2009 Dr. Elizabeth Nevil

2009-2010 Mrs Ann Hauerland

2010-2011 Mrs Marg Chapin

2011-2013 Mrs Frechia Barrett

2013-2014 Johns Jaudon

2014-2015 Mrs Wanda K. Sellers

2014-2016 Mrs Janet Foell

2016-2017 Mrs Dianne Fowler

2017-2018 Mrs Marcelle Johnson

2018-2019 Mrs Susan Hahn

As Council on Volunteer Services Georgia Health Care (COVSGHC)

2019-2020 Mrs Betty Anne Foran

2020-2021 Mrs Martha Greene-Tucker

2021-2022  Mrs Cathy Hefner

2022-2023 Mrs Linda Holloway